Frequently asked questions

If you have any qustions that are not answered here, you can always reach out to a human.
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Nope! Choose wisely, because this is not possible (yet). It might be added in the future, however you're supposed to think about what you share before you do so. Best case, you don't ever feel the need to change what you shared. If you really need to remove a link that was published by accident, get in touch.
Nope! That's not possible yet, however it is something that will be added in the future.
Part of the reason Narrowr will cost money is the quality of content I'd like to see people post on the platform. Having a trial period or giving away access for free, potentially leads to people sharing just about any content they can think of. That's not something I want to encourage. Paying 4€ upfront (once) should be a small enough amount for people to test-drive the platform and decide if they like it.
Narrowr follows the principle of collecting as little data as possible. There needs to be a sufficient reason to collect data from users, such as providing useful features that actually benefit the user (not lure them into using the application or simply making more money).

I do not save any payment data, as it's all handled via stripe. I don't store anything beyond what you share and your hashed + encrypted login data. There is a mechanism to count views and such, which is home cooked and completely anonymous beyond your user ID. I will never pass any of your data to third parties. You can also always download a simple textfile of all the data gathered about you from the settings page — It won't be that much.
There are no refunds, however you can use Narrowr until the end of your subscription period. At that point we will disable your account, which means you cannot share any new links and won't be able to see your presonal feed. At this stage you can reactivate your account by simply subscribing again.

If you want all your links deleted and all data gone, you have to delete the account after unsubscribing.
Narrowr as a whole is the product of a single person.
My name is Ben and I'm a developer. I recently started building things on my own and Narrowr is one of them. I have a ton of experience when it comes to building products from blank page to shiny end result. The idea for Narrowr haunted me for three years, which is why I decided to finally build it in 2019. If you want to know more about the journey, check out my personal website 🤙
Also, feedback is always welcome – hit me up on twitter