How it works

Narrowr is a social link-sharing platform that puts users first. We want people to think about what they share, opposed to mindlessly putting everything out there. At the same time, we also want you to discover the best content from interesting people and topics you like, cutting out the noise that is inherent to other platforms.

Share links to content you love

You get to post only one link per 24 hours, which means you need to evaluate which piece of content you would like to share. When posting a new link, you get to tell the world why you think this is worth sharing, as well as the option to assign it to a topic, making it easier to discover.

Follow interesting people

You can follow people and topics to get their best piece of the day right to your feed. Just like you, they can only post one link per day, which means if you follow ten poeple, your feed will contain a maximum of ten items per day. That's it. You can let people know that you enjoy their content by liking their links You can invite up to 12 friends per year, giving you one month free usage each.

Discover great content

Topics are great for discovering new people and content outside your circle. When following topics you will get the "best" (most recommended/read) links of that topic each day added to your feed. With topics you get to decide how many links you want to have added to your feed per day, from zero to five links max. This exception helps you finding interesting pieces quicker and defaults to one link per day.

Recommend what you like

Instead of likes and counters, you can recommend links to content you enjoyed and tell people why they should read it. At the same time you will get recommendations from others you are following. You will only get one recommendation per day, selected randomly from those you follow.

Enjoy a user-focused experience

Narrowr is built around our users — you — and the content you like. We promise to keep Narrowr free from ads, third party tracking, pop-ups, selling data and any other bad practices. The platform is built to last and bring a joyful experience to you. If you need help or have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hi, you can always send a message via our contact page.

→ There's more about why we built Narrowr on our about page
→ If you're wondering why Narrowr costs money, head over to our pricing page for more