Pricing — 'why isn't this free?'

Read more about our business model and why you should pay for Narrowr.

Free software needs to make money somewhere. Have you wondered how free platforms stay in business? Maybe they show you ads, sell your data or lock some features that are only available for money. Another insecurity factor is that when you're not paying for the product, you never know what external funding decision might affect the service. That way you never know if the platform will still be around tomorrow.

That's why Narrowr costs money. You simply pay for the service and get everything we have to offer. No hidden fees, no distractions, no bullshit. We want you to enjoy using the platform and come back with a good feeling. We want you to spread the word, because you like what we've built. At the same time we're not fighting for your attention, trying to keep you involved as much as possible. We're trying to build a human-centered platform that is here to last.

34- screw-screwdriver
Free! while Narrowr is in public beta
01- currency-money-hand-1
4€ ~4.5$
per month afterwards